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Time Travel: Theories, Hyperspace Other Dimensions
Time - A Traveler's Guide, Clifford Pickover Time Travel, A New Perspective - J.H. Brennan Time Machines - Time Travel in Physics. . ., Paul J. Nabin Time's Arrow
The River of Time, Igor D. Novibov
Space & Time
About Time - Einstein's Unfinished Revolution, Paul Davies The Discovery of Time
Time Machines
The Meaning of Relativity, Albert Einstein Black Holes & Time Warps, Kip S. Thorne Black Holes, Wormholes & Time Machines
A Brief History of Time, Stephan Hawking
In Search of the Edge of Time , John Gribbin Unveiling the Edge of Time, John Gribbin Time's Arrows Today
Surfing Through Hyperspace, Clifford Pickover Hyperspace, Michio Kaku
The Architects of Hyperspace
Other Dimensions
How to Have Out of Body Experiences
How to Travel to Other Dimensions Astral Combat Astral Dynamics
Adventures Beyond the Body
Journey Out of the Body - Robert Monroe