At a class he was teaching in San Francisco in 1999, Dr. Leonard Shlain, neurosurgeon and author of "The Alphabet v. the Goddess" was asked whether or not he believed mental telepathy was real. A lightning speed, rather affirming "yes" was his response. Dr. Shlain added "there have been studies done where dogs were proven to be aware, as noted in their behaviors, of when their owners were coming home early from work."

Dr. Shlain's rather innocent knee jerk response, giving mental telepathy a level of intelligence a household pet possesses, is typical of the status quo establishment's view of telepathy that has been downgraded to a low level form of intelligence and, even for some whose self denial takes the form of hatred, to the level of mental illness. To admit you had a telepathic experience is threatening to the very foundations of western civilization that is based on left brained, logical, rational thinking which has traditionally downgraded the creative right brain's value and importance.

Telepathy is Human Instinct

In his controversial 1976 book, "The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Julian Jaynes, a Princeton psychologist, argued that "the brain activity of ancient people--those living roughly 3,500 years ago, prior to the early evidence of the consciousness of logic, reason and ethics -- would have resembled that of modern schizophrenics." Jaynes maintained that, "like schizophrenics, the ancients heard voices, summoned up visions and lacked the sense of metaphor and individual identity that characterizes the 'advanced' mind." He said that, "some of these ancestral synaptic leftovers are buried deep in the modern brain, which would explain many of the present-day sensations of God and spirituality."

Having reduced our ancestors, who survived for millions of years to bring us to our present state of existence, to that of modern day mentally ill dysfunctional people, or "schizophrenics" is the status quo view from modern science that views itself as far too advanced for such unexplained nonsense. Yet it has been our ancestors and their ability to tap into the resources within the vast circuitry of their brains that have successfully survived for millions of years. Western civilization has only been around a couple thousand of years compared to the 4 million years our ancestors survived through.

Our ancestors used mental telepathy as a survival mechanism such as in times of danger--it is a human instinct--and as stated in the prehistory section of this site, we have inherited our ancestor's brain circuitry. Countless stories abound from those who claim they knew when a loved one was dying, or something crucial happened and then received confirmation it was true. We have forgotten how to rely on this basic instinct, which is based in human intuition, because of our reliance on the left brained values of western civilization.

Evidence of Telepathy

Today, we have all kinds of evidence that telepathy exists, best symbolized in the form of the technological crutches we use such as telephones and Internet chat sessions. What is so bizarre about receiving a phone call? Or participating in an Internet chat session? These are viewed as normal means of communication, yet they have a pseudo telepathic form to them; a person does not have to be physically present to communicate in "real time." There is only a matter of a fraction of a second delay over the phone lines, or Internet. These are forms of mental telepathy. Nothing is bizarre about it; it is all part of our daily lives, the only difference being the vehicle has been externalized.

In her book "Love and Intuition," best selling author Laura Day states, "the existence of telepathy has been confirmed in scientific studies. In one experiment, scientists were shocked to discover that untrained individuals could actually tell when someone was staring at the back of their heads! In another popular study called remote viewing, which has been replicated numerous times--the CIA spent millions trying to develop a spy tool--a remote receiver is able to describe in detail a picture or a scene viewed hundreds or even thousands of miles away by a viewer."

Conscious vs. Subconscious

The conscious part of our minds is like a tiny volcanic island heaved up from the deep ocean bottom of our vast subconscious. It is surrounded by a vast expanse of water, which like the subconscious, is extraordinarily rich in different life forms.

Human emotion expressed through love is normally the primary motivating factor and vehicle for strong telepathic connections. Love is also the protective, defense mechanism to prevent those who wish to violate another's boundaries with unwanted mental telepathic messages. Love opens the door, while those who attempt to intrude can be locked out in the process -- they don't have the love credential to enter into a deep telepathic relationship.

The future holds for us to perform a better balancing act between the right and left brained hemispheres, integrating our ancient ancestor's discovery mindset with a better understanding in the process. Discovering the function and purpose of the brain's mysteriously allusive pineal gland, would also accelerate our metamorphosis into the new millennium.

It is very deep human need, to have connections with those we love in such a way. Telepathy will prove an invaluable tool for most who wish to develop it and use to enhance their lives, stretching their boundaries beyond an isolated sense of themselves and merging with something very real.

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