Please note that a few of these programs are denoted(*) as requiring a download program, such as Netzip, or Winzip to download them.

Desktop Tools

Desktop Tools sgfd
Address Book - address survey. It enables storing addresses of your friends including their phone numbers, E-mail addresses and arbitrary notes. The phone numbers can be automatically and immediately dialed through the microphone (by means of the tone dial). It ensures sending the electronic mail to the appropriate E-mail address.

Address Book Download - 260KB

Calculator - An attractive desktop calculator with memory, accuracy of 15 digits, exponent.

Calculator Download - 185KB

CDBox - audio CD player - It serves for playing audio compact discs by the computer with an interesting 3D motion display. (Sound)

CD Player Download - 176KB

CD Info - an information display about the CD-ROM. It detects the CD drive, prints the disk label, serial number, disk size and the date of disk generation.

CD Info Download - 171KB

Clock - A really cute designer desk clock with a second hand that displays the day and date too.

Hand Clock Download - 177KB

Conversions - units conversions. This converts in both directions numerical values expressed by means of various physical units. On the whole there are 733 units, divided in 37 groups including the old Bohemian units.

Conversions Download - 204KB

InfoDisk - an information display about the disk. An example of disk and console operation.

Info Disk Download - 171KB

GenoPro - allows you to generate a family tree dating back to as far as your research takes you.

GenePro Download - 400KB

3D Modeller - modelling of rotational 3D objects. You will create a model profile a then you will display it as a tree dimensional rotation object. Possibility of saving in a file, loading from a file, a constituent are a few sample models.

3D Modeller Download - 180KB

JukeBox* - a player of music and sound files. JukeBox can play WAV, MID, MP3 and RMI files, which he finds in the current directory. For playing MP3 files the installation of the MPEG Layer-3 Codec is necessary in some Windows versions. A constituent of the program are 10 sample MID compositions.

Jukebox Download - 272KB

Morph - when you've got that urge to merge, this handy little program will allow you to take two photographs of people and merge them into something, or someone new. Metamorphosis at your fingertips!

Morph Download - 400KB

Notepad - a simple text editor, a similar of Windows Notepad. It facilitates use of Windows clipboard, has a save to desktop feature and a one-level undo.

Notepad Download - 175KB

MusicBox - a jukebox. It plays MID compositions that are a constituent of the program (28 compositions), displaying relaxing laser patterns.

Music Box Download - 306KB

Piano - a music instrument. You can play on the keyboard like on a piano. It contains 5 music instruments having a realistic sound (piano, sine tone, guitar, organ, violin). Easy key transposition. It displays the played tone frequency. It can be used for tuning music instruments or as a frequency standard. Very suitable for music tuition. (Sound)

Piano Download - 1089KB

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