Please note that a few of these programs are denoted(*) as requiring a download program, such as Netzip, or Winzip to download them.

Logic - a logic and combination game. The goal is to guess the combination of pin colors.

Logic Download - 208KB

Pegged - a logical and combination game. The goal is to liquidate all pieces (except the last one) by jumping over them

Pegged Download - 173KB

Pexeso* - a concentration memory game using flower pictures (32 pairs of cards).

Pexeso Download - 355KB

Raptor - a classical action game. A plane is flying over the countryside shooting enemy planes. In the game there are 7 weapon type, 5 enemy types and 13 compositions of the accompanying music. There are space sound effects. It can be controlled by a keyboard or by a joystick. (Sound)

Raptor Download - 1514KB

Slide Puzzle - a classic slide puzzle game.

Slide Puzzle Download - 236KB

UFO Attack - annihilation of the UFO creatures attacking the globe. Or, think of it as free radicals attacking your brain! Arm yourself with antioxidants. (Sound)

UFO Attack Download - 976KB

Kids Games & Stuff

Carrot - the rabbit is singing, waiting for someone to feed it a carrot. Very favorite with children who love to watch the rabbit eat the carrot that they give it. (Sound)

Carrot Download - 382KB

Coloring Book* - This program, which is intended for little children, makes possible to fill areas of black and white pictures with colors. A part of it are 40 ready nice pictures to which further ones can be added easily.

Coloring Book - 493KB

Egg Game - a logical and combination game derived from the classical games "Revers", "Othello", "Tic-Tac-Toe". (Sound)

Egg Game Download - 234KB

Magnifier - A magnifying glass focuses on cartoon characters.

Magnifier Download - 199KB

Math Addition - Fun way for children to practice their addition skills. (up to 100)

Math Addition Download - 174KB

Math Multiplication - Fun way for children to practice their multiplication skills (up to 99)

Math Multiplication Download - 493K

Maze - Peter and Lucy search for a way out of the maze to get home.

Maze Download - 175K

Moods - Children love to see the different funny faces that makes them laugh. This is an album of different mood faces.

Mood Download - 333KB

Radar Lab - a simulator of a functioning radar. Miniature with a humorous element. (Sound)

Radar Lab Download -363KB

Siesta - Peter the Rabbit is on a picnic in the park listening to an afternoon performance of organ music. (Sound)

Siesta Download - 301KB

Speak & Type - typing for children. The task is to type the name depicted in the picture. (Sound)

Speak & Type Download - 561KB

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