Ultimate Manilow CD
Barry Manilow's 70's Songs Travel Decades into Future to Become Top Seller in 2002
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Dec. 13, 2002 Several months ago I couldn't understand why a Barry Manilow song kept playing in my head. I rarely listened to pop music and hadn't heard his music in years. Then I heard that he had a new release of all of his songs from the 70's and that "Ultimate Manilow" was a #3 top selling album (in early 2002). I couldn't believe it!  Apparently I had tapped into the universal consciousness of what millions of people were tuned into.

Barry Manilow's music is highly charged with passionate emotion that makes it understandable why it survived 2 to 3 decades to become a best seller in the dark year of 2002.

I consider Barry Manilow a time traveler with vision whose bright light shone through the decades to a point in history where his music was sorely needed by millions of distraught people.