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Bush Administration Sets
Humanity on Direct Path to Extinction

March 31, 2001 - At one of the most crucial crossroads in human history, one in which there is a clear choice between two roads -- one towards ultimate self-destruction fueled by greed, and the other towards a responsible global outlook designed to ensure the protection of future generations, the United States has chosen the path of destruction for the world. Geroge W. Bush, is proving himself to be a fraud, and is on the verge of International criminal status with his violent disregard for the environment and future generations by refusing to keep his campaign promise to reduce carbon dioxide outputs.

George W. Bush speaks for the oil corporations who paid for his campaign, and does not appear to comprehend the gravity of his decision. Greenpeace, an Internationally acclaimed environmental organization expressed grave concern that US global warming policy now appears to be totally run by large US companies such as Exxon, Texaco and the like along with coal interests. Bill Hare, International Climate Policy Director said "The shocking and unprecedented trashing of the most important global environmental agreement ever has confirmed our worst fears that the White House has been colonized by oil and coal companies."

Mr. Bush is about to learn the consequences of his foolish leadership as the International European community and many Americans will not stand by and allow the United States to retreat from the most important pact in mankind's history that will ensure the protection of future generations. The Greenhouse Effect is causing weather patterns to change dramatically around the world and threatens to usher in human extinction as a result. British Labor parliamentarian Alan Simpson said of the U.S. retreat on the Kyoto accord: "It is equivalent to launching a nuclear attack whose missiles will land across the globe over the next 30 years."

The International community has expressed outrage and all judge the decision to withdraw from an agreement that requires the largest industrialized nations to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other gases as a moral lapse by the world's biggest polluter. They declared it would damage U.S. well-being as much as its image.

Even U.S. allies such as French President Jacques Chirac made clear their alarm at the U.S. decision. "At a time of global warming and of a disturbing challenge to the Kyoto Protocol, how can we affirm the right to a protected and preserved environment, the right of future generations?" Chirac asked during a speech to the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

How badly was Bush's brain damaged by his alcoholism?

The one question is, has Mr. Bush's brain been so damaged by his alcoholism, that he is unable to comprehend the consequences of his irrational decision? If so, perhaps the medical community needs to step in and determine if Mr. Bush is unfit for his job due to his mental condition as a recovering alcoholic. Self-destructionism is one of the inherent qualities of an alcoholic and Mr. Bush seems to be exhibiting these qualities while taking all of humanity down with him.


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