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Back to the Future
Can We Save Humanity from Extinction?

March 31, 2001 - Where is Michael J. Fox when we need him?  Darn, he has Parkinson's! Medical researchers are working around the clock to discover ways to disarm and reverse this disease and others like it through stem transplant methodologies. This is science at its best, finding solutions and ways to erase brain damage caused by these thug diseases. While these gifted scientists work into the night, the American political system has its own thugs it needs to disarm and reverse.

The world already knows what happened - something went terribly wrong. George W. Bush wasn't supposed to become President of the United States, but did by means of machine error and Supreme Court intervention in the year 2000. Now Mr. Bush is proving he is a fraud to all of the world by disgracing the United States with his refusal to honor a campaign pledge to reduce carbon dioxide emissions that are causing the Greenhouse Effect that threatens the future of humanity. Mr. Bush is really a spokesman for the oil corporations, and is acting on their behalf, not the people of America and their interests, nor the people of nations around the world. Many are beginning to see where things are headed. So, lets take a look into the future 30 years from now, using our "mental time travel" techniques explained within this Brain Channels site.

Back to the Future - 2030. Humanity has been wiped out by plagues, war, starvation, and overwhelmed by the changes to the ecological system worldwide. Great suffering of millions upon millions of people and animal species has taken place and now all has come to an end. It is no longer a habitibal earth. All species have died out and the earth is a barren wasteland of humanity's dumping ground. Humanity no longer exists. Those higher intelligent life forms who did survive were able to transform and mutate themselves into another life form through human consciousness and have left the planet to explore new worlds.

Before they saw their end, people remembered the critical point in human history that created their great suffering. People recall a wretched idiot politician who became the United States President by mistake, George W. Bush, who usurped the democratic process. Bush turned out to represent the greedy oil companies more than the American people and proved himself to be a fraud. That point in human history was a time of regression back into the "ape" state of human consciousness.

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Humanity's Regression happened in 2000 A.D.
When an Idiot Usurped Democracy

The last person left on earth is dying. He has a pencil in hand and as he takes his last breath for humanity, he slowly spells out "Time Traveler -- do you see what has happened? Please save us from this horrible fate!" The last people on earth knew the motivation for all behind their ultimate fate all came from greed. The primary driving force behind the greed came from the oil and lumbering companies that destroyed precious forests, lakes and oceans to meet their projections to fill their pocket books. They covered-up the danger to the earth their self-destructive path posed for humanity, and humanity was too busy with distractions of entertainment to notice what was happening before it was too late.

Back to 2001. We the people did not elect George W. Bush as our President. Mr. Bush, really an oil corporation spokesman, was chosen by Justice Scalia and 3 colleagues on the Supreme Court who intervened to prevent democracy from taking place. Mr. Bush sits in the White House believing he is President, but he acts like something other than the President, and is disgracing the nation by ignoring the consequences of his choices. He is single handedly leading humanity to its ultimate fate -- self destruction, like leaders of religious cults who lead their brethren to their deaths.  Only an imaginary god can save them.

Time Traveler -- It is your assignment to time travel mentally into the future, return to the present and take action to the prevent and disarm the forces of destruction, greed and power before it is too late! Time travelers -- it is time to intervene and save all living things from destruction. Go "back to the future" to change the past. Humanity's fate rests in our hands. Those in the future are condemned by these foolish madmen. Only we can save them!


Bush Administration Sets Humanity on Direct Path to Extinction

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