Definitions & Functions of the Outer Brain
Frontal Lobe Deals with the most integrated brain functions: thinking, conceptualizing and planning. It also plays a major part in the conscious appreciation of emotion.
Parietal Lobe Functions connected with movement, orientation, calculation and certain types of recognition.
Temporal Lobe Deals with sound, speech comprehension (usually the left brain only) and some aspects of memory.
Occipital Lobe Made up entirely of visual processing areas.
Motor Cortex
The frontal motor cortex primarily controls the movement of the hands and face.
Corpus Callosum
A thick band of axon fibers, 80 million or so, which connect the brain cells in left hemisphere to those in the right hemisphere. The two sides keep up a continuous intimate conversation via this neural bridge that produces a seamless perception of the world, and a single stream of consciousness. There is a difference in size between men and women -- women's are relatively larger.