Fully Intact Hominid Skull Discovered --
2 Million Years Old

April 27, 2000 - Johannesburg, South Africa (AP)

The remains of the most complete hominid skull ever uncovered has been discovered in a prehistoric cave filled with bones dumped by flash floods over a million years ago. The 1.5-2.0 million year old skull of a female Paranthropus robustus is considered "one of the most extraordinary finds that any paleoanthropologist has ever seen" described by Lee Berger, Director of the Paleoanthropology unit of University of Witwatersrand in _______.

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The fully intact skull of a female Paranthropus robustus
that lived nearly 2 million years ago

Andre Keyers, the paleontologist in charge of the site's excavation said the skull represents, "a creature that was in direct competition with our earliest ancestors. The Parathropus robustus, a hominid that lived nearly 1.5-2.0 million years ago (see Evolution Map) was a vegetarian that may have used rudimentary bone tools. Keyers said the hominid became extinct about 1 million years ago, probably due to the domination of early man.

The skull, nicknamed "Eurydice" will provide paleontologists research opportunities they never had with the disparate fragments previously discovered. Until this discovery, researchers were not even sure what a female Paranthropus robustsus looked like. As a result of this find, they have a pretty good idea that Paranthropus was no Greta Garbo.

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