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Evolution and Population Genetics

  Basics  Evidence of Evolution  Evolution, Theories, Concepts  Fossil Records
Geologic Eras, Ages
Population Genetics, Microevolution
Origin of Life
  Taxonomy, Phylogenetics


Basics, Introductions, Hyperlinks Nature: Triumph of Life - Evolution & Brain Power

BioChemLinks: Evolution and Ecology
Evolution — Historical development of theories
Evolution Articles — 32 complete topics concerning evolution. Great website
Evolution: Described, Explained
Evolution Exploration — hyperlinks
Evolution: Glossary — Extensive terms defined
Evolution, Introduction, Overview — Definitions, misconceptions - extensive
Evolution Library — Articles, biographies, timelines, glossary, etc.
Evolution, Nature of Science
Evolution: Patterns — Sequential, divergent, convergent, parallel and coevolution
Evolution Position Statement — National Association of Biology Teachers
Evolution and Society I — Darwinism, Eugenics, Controversies
Evolution and Society II — Monkey trial, ACLU. Broadway mythology
Evolution and Society III — Creationism, spirituality and questions
Evolution and Society IV — Catastrophism: When the Worlds Collide
Evolution: Teaching — Position statement: Nat. Assoc. Bio. Teachers
Evolutionary Theory I — PreDarwin
Evolutionary Theory II — Post Darwin
Evolution Tour — Extensive topics with hyperlinks
Evolution Update — News, feature articles, and bestselling books
Evolution: Voices For — Position statements by science organizations
Evolution: What Is It?
Firefly Signal Evolution — Bioluminescence
Galapagos: Recent Expedition — Galapagos revisited. Hyperlinks
History of Life
Leakey Foundation - The Leakey Family - Most famous Anthropologists
Major Misconceptions about Evolution — Problem with creationism
Microevolution Definitions
Natural Selection: Advanced
Natural Selection, Illness — Darwinian Medicine
Natural Selection: Introduction 
Plant Evolution Adaptations to land (See adaptations on the Ecology Page)
Pope Accepts Theory of Evolution
Radioactive Dating
Radioactive Dating: Potassium Argon I
Radioactive Dating: Potassium Argon II
Radiocarbon Dating — 15 hyperlinks
Evidence of Evolution
Evidence for Evolution — Menu with hyperlinks
Comparative Anatomy
Comparative Embryology
Fossils and the Fossil Record
Geographic Distribution
Homologous Structures
Homologous, Analogous, Vestigal Structures
Molecular Biology
Evolution, Theories and Concepts
Biodiversity: Evolution of
Darwin: Biography — Very extensive
Darwin's Finches
Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle I
Darwin's Voyage of the Beagle II
Darwin-Wallace Evolution Paper

Endosymbiosis: Evolution of Life — Introduction
Endosymbiotic theory — Chloroplasts and mitochondria
Endosymbiotic Theory: Margulis
Eve Controversy — Tracing human origins through mitochondrial DNA
Evolution and Asexual Reproduction
Evolution and Biodiversity in California
Evolution: Major Themes
Evolution: Modern View
Evolution: Protein Sequences and Function — Conservative vs. variable proteins
Evolution: Teaching of — NABT position statement
Evolutionary Theory: Historical Development
Evolution: Theory and History
Gaussian Plume Model
Hominid Species — All species discussed plus hyperlinks
Human Evolution
Huxley: Darwin's Bulldog
Huxley: Evolution's Mouthpiece — Darwin's bulldog
Lamarck, Jean-Baptiste
Lyell, Charles — Darwin's mentor
Macroevolution Theories
Modern Mechanisms of Evolution
Natural Selection — Basics
Natural Selection: Mechanism and Kinds
Origin of Species — Notes: barriers, isolation, etc.
Plant Evolution: Ordovician through Middle Devonian periods,5716,115118%2B2,00.html
Plants: Evolution I — Land adaptations
Plants: Evolution II — Land adaptations
Plant Evolution Notes
Primate Evolution — Extensive notes
Punctuated Equilibrium
Reproduction: Sexual — An evolutionary conundrum
Reproduction: Sexual vs. Asexual — Value of sexual and asexual reproduction
Selection Pressures, Modes
Spontaneous Generation I

Spontaneous Generation II

Spontaneous Generation III

Spontaneous Generation IV
Theory and History
Variation in Species — Factors reducing
Variation in Species — Factors increasing
Fossil Records
Bird Evolution I — Fossil record of Aves
Bristlecone Pine - Oldest living organism
Elephant Evolution
Evolution Timelines — Earth history: eras, periods, and epochs
Fossil Record
Fossil Record of theVertebrates
History of Life: Fossil Record
Hominid Development: Part I
Hominid Development: Part II, Discovery
Hominid Species
Horse Evolution I — Hyracotherium ---> Modern Horse
Horse Evolution II — Extensive information and hyperlinks
Mass Extinctions
Primate Evolution
Radioactive Dating
Radioactive Dating: Potassium Argon I
Radiocarbon Dating — 15 hyperlinks
Geologic Eras, Ages Color
Evolution Timelines — Earth history: eras, periods, and epochs
Geologic History of the Earth — Periods, age, notes
Geologic Eras, Periods — Hyperlinked periods with events, etc.
Population Genetics, Microevolution
Competitive Exclusion Principle (Gause) — Information and laboratory exercise
Evolution Patterns — Sequential, divergent, convergent, parallel, coevolution 
Founder Effect
Founder Effect and Speciation
Gaussian Plume Model — Competitive Exclusion Model
Gene Flow
Gene Frequencies I
Gene Frequencies: Selection — For and against homozygous and heterozygous organisms
Gene Frequencies: Stochastic Force Influences
Gene Pool and Heridity
Gene Pools
Genetic Drift
Genetic Drift and Gene Flow — Definition, description, bottlenecks, founder effect, etc.
Genetic Drift, Mutation Rates and Gene Flow
Genetic Variability: Measuring
Genetic Variation and Evolution Rate
Hardy-Weinberg Principle
Hardy-Weinberg: Genetic Equilibrium I
Hardy-Weinberg: Genetic Equilibrium II
Heterozygote, Homozygote Selection, Advantage
Heterozygous Advantage — Cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia
Microevolution — Notes, Chi square, definitions
Microevolution Definitions
Microevolution Causes, Concepts — Allopatry, sympatry, punctuated equilibria
Mutations and Evolution 
Peppered Moths — England and Unitd States
Peppered Moths: Evolution Update
Peppered Moths: Second Thoughts IThe Scientist: Short Edited article

Peppered Moths: Second Thoughts II — Long Unedited article
Population Genetics — 20 terms defined
Reproductive Isolation and Mechanisms
Reproductive Isolation and Mechanisms
Selection Pressures
Speciation: Measuring Genetic Change
Species: Concept and Meaning
Species and Speciation — Outlined notes
Variation in Species — Factors reducing
Origin of Life
Cell Origins
Eve Controversy — Tracing human origins through mitochondrial DNA
Exobiology — Introduction to extraterrestrial environments
Extraterrestrial Life — An analysis of life forms and conditions. Encyclopedia Britanica,5722,109623,00.html
Earth and Life Origins I — Discussion, illustrations
Heterotroph Hypothesis
Homochirality — Problem with left handed amino acids
Homochirality: L-Amino Acids, R-Sugars: Origins — Evolutionary puzzle
Life on Mars, Venus? — (Scroll down)
Miller (Urey) Experiment I
Miller (Urey) Experiment II
Miller (Urey) Experiment III
Multicellularity: Origins I — (Scroll down)
Multicellularity, Origins II — Notes
Origin of Life — Notes, Diagram
Origins of Life: Astrobiology — 5 pages
Origin of Life: Part I
Origin of Life: Part II
Miller-Urey Experiment
Terrestrial Communities: Evolution
Taxonomy, Phylogenetics
Animal Diversity — Identification of phylogenetic relationships
Coelomate Evolution
Evolutionary Development: Animals — Symmetry, protostomes, deuterostomes
Phylogenetics: Resources
Phylogenetic Web Sites
Protostomes vs. Deuterostomes

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