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The history of civilization is a mere reflection of our brain's development throughout cultures and time. It has been said that history is written by the victors and that the vanquished are seldom heard from again. We may believe that we create history but the truth could very well be that history shapes us and is derived from the neurodesign structures within our brains that lie beyond our conscious awareness.

Culture, can be viewed as an interactive development tool our brains use that can be observed through the evidence of remnants left behind throughout human history.

At the dawn of civilization, the human brain had already reached its full physical capacity primarily due to the limitations placed on it by women's birth canals. The diameter of a woman's pelvis can only expand so far, and scientists believe that the evolution of the expansion of the birth canal to accommodate the enlarged human brain came to an end long ago.

Evolution equipped men and women to respond emotionally to different stimuli their roles produced. Our human ancestors spent 99% of their evolutionary history in hunter/gatherer cultures; in small nomadic bands of a few dozen individuals who got all their food each day by gathering plants or by hunting animals. During this period, roles of the sexes were established with men primarily being the hunters, while women were the gatherers and nurturers. To accommodate these role differences of the sexes, nature redesigned the human nervous system radically breaking with all that had gone before thus setting the stage for civilization.

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